Belgium’s deadly secret: EUCG and parents of child road victims in joint open letter

In Belgium you are more likely to die in a road traffic accident than in two-thirds of other member states of the EU. If Belgian roads were as safe as the UK, for example, 450 accident victims would still be alive today.

And yet the police and radio stations, both commercial and publicly funded, systematically collude in helping dangerous drivers to avoid detection for speeding. It is symptomatic of a culture which tolerates irresponsible driving.

That is why, today, the EUCG and advocacy group Parents d’Enfants Victimes de la Route have issued an open letter calling on politicians, media outlets and the police for an immediate end to this unethical and dangerous practice.


Verkeersveiligheid in Belgie

Traffic safety in BETraffic safety in BE


  1. I had a car accident with a bike (I was on the bike) in Brussels (Ixelles) in 2010. The driver, a lady, disappeared. My luck was that another driver could see and remember her number plate (French from Paris…). We found her and she had to pay back, mainly my suit and my bike. I was not injured.

    Since that day, I’m not using my bike anymore every day in Brussels, and my kids are not allowed bike on the streets of Brussels. Too dangerous…

  2. I sure hope that the Belgian police make unannounced speed checks in addition to the announced ones. Announcing some speed checks, but not all, can be an effective awareness-raising strategy.

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