1. Traffic lights are just a nightmare! Car drivers don’t let you enough space to get in front of them at the traffic lights and you end up having a full load of exhaust fumes on you!

  2. What are the MAIN obstacles preventing you from coming to work by bicycle? OTHER (SPECIFY IN COMMENTS). The quality of the pavement (pavés, gendarmes couchés, nids de poule, …)

  3. This is wat you(we) should fight for !!! HLN news : Werkgevers mogen hun personeel namelijk een belastingvrije vergoeding geven van 0,24 euro per gefietste kilometer die ze tussen hun woon- en werkplaats afleggen.
    The institutions should be “the example” for the EU citizens and the member states ! and at this moment they are far from being the example ! (think about safety , pollution, motivate people to bike, walk and public transport)

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