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February 2012

The EUCG, Fietserbond and GRACQ have published their five top priorities for cyclists in Brussels Top5cyclingpriorities. It communicated in English, Dutch and French.

The press releases and the text of the five priorities can be found on the GRACG website and the Fietsersbond website.

April 2009: The EUCG, GRACQ and the delegate of the Union Syndicale trade union at the EESC write to the ‘Collège échevinal’ of Ixelles/Elsene to request better road infrastructure in ‘rue du Viaduct/Viaductstraat’. (French version only and reply)

April 2009: The EUCG submits its comments to the public enquiry of the city of Brussels on the “Villo” bike rental system. (French version only)

June 2008: The EUCG writes to the European School at Berkendael about its bicycle infrastructure and policies. (French Version only)

February 2008: The EUCG writes a common position with GRACQ and Fietsersbond Brussel on bicycle parking in the Luxembourg railway station in Brussels (French version only).

February 2008: The EUCG replies to the consultation on the Green Paper on Urban Mobility. (English version only)

November 2007: The EUCG writes to the City of Brussels and Ixelles about Rue d’Arlon. (Letter to Brussels and reply, Letter to Ixelles and reply.)

October 2007: The EUCG writes to the Mayor of the City of Brussels with regard to the various options proposed for the redesign around Ambiorix Park. The EUCG supports the scenario of a contraflow bus lane. This scenario should allow cyclists to ride in either directions, with the cars or the buses. (Dutch version only)

October 2007: The EUCG writes to the Mayor of Etterbeek in support of the plans to renovate the Chaussee d’Etterbeek and install regional cycle route ICR/GFR11. (Dutch version only)

March 2007: The EUCG signs a common position with GRACQ and Fietsersbond on the Schéma Directeur Quartier Européen/Richtschema Europese Wijk. (English version only) For more information go to

January 2007: The EUCG writes to the SNCB to request an immediate improvement to the bicycle parking surrounding. (Dutch version only)

December 2006: The EUCG writes to Pascal Smet, the Brussels Region Minister for Mobility and Public Works, to request a modification of the junction between Rue de la loi, Boulevard de Charlemagne and Rue du Taciturne. (Dutch version only)

February 2006: The EUCG writes to the Brussels Echevin de la mobilité to request more bicycle parking. (French version only)

October 2004: The EUCG writes to the new Brussels Transport Minister Pascal Smet regarding the Loi/Wet letter and the complete lack of reaction of the regional authorities.

November 2003: The EUCG writes to Pat Cox, President of the European Parliament, calling for improved cycle parking at the Parliament buildings in Brussels. English version

September 2003: The EUCG co-signs a letter to Brussels Transport Minister Jos Chabert regarding the recent modifications in rue de la Loi/Wetstraat, expressing its satisfaction as well as concerns on certain points. (French version only)

2003: The EUCG is invited to describe the situation about cycling in Brussels from the users’ perspective at a Round Table forum in Brussels. Here is our presentation: French version only.

1997: The EUCG produces a position paper on cycle-friendly buildings. French version only

1997: The EUCG AGM adopts a position on Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat. This is still our view, though of course we welcome the recent improvements. French version only

1996: First and foremost, we have the EUCG constitution in English and French. English version and French version

Last updated 23 September 2010

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