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Parking and bike theft

Many people have had their bicycle stolen. This is one of the main reasons people stop cycling. An integrated plan is needed, covering actions by the police, the justice system, the creation of a central depot and an efficient registration system, and awareness-raising as to how to lock a bike securely with a solid lock. (Cycling priority)

Bike theft from public places is a sad reality  – and it’s big and growing problem in Brussels. A survey of 500 cyclists in 2010 found that over one-third had been victims of bike theft or vandalism. The slow and often nonchalant police and the justice system have a lot of work to do to catch up with action taken in other European cities. One day you will be able to buy a bike that can’t be stolen. But in the meantime, there is a lot you can do to minimise the risk of losing your bike to criminals.

1. Invest in a strong lock. No lock is 100% safe, but U-locks will make it harder for thieves. Cable locks are easily cut and are highly discouraged.

2. Get your bike marked (gravage antivol) with an official number. For more information visit Pro Vélo. Try fixing and registering the ‘cyclosafe’ gadget which BPost claims will disable your bike if its stolen.

3. Use the institutions’ garages and other secure parking.

4. Try to avoid leaving your bike – even if locked – unattended in public places, especially in the evening.

5. In the unfortunate event that you are a victim of bike theft, make sure you report it to the police in person or online and on the Brussels Bike Theft Blog, and let the EUCG Committee know. You can search the police database to see whether it has been recovered. If you hire a service bike and it’s stolen on work premises always report the theft to your security officer.


  1. misztela says:

    I think we should address the increasing for bike stands in the EC parkings. In my Belliard28 building, the bike parking is full , even before the nice spring days will come. We should address that quickly.


    • Philippe.Randaxhe says:

      Same in Cov2.


    • Hans Joostens says:

      Same in Charlemagne building. There is a shortage of bike parking space. Spaces are also occupied by bikes which are apparently no longer used. Increasing adequate bike space, who could address this quickly?


    • Martin Hallet says:

      To specify the problem in Charlemagne: The bike stand on -1 has indeed insufficient space. When complaining, OIB points to a new bike stand on -2, but it is unattractive for several reasons and therefore no real alternative for most of us. It is difficult to understand what OIB’s problem is in sacrificing some of the plenty of parking space for cars available in -1 and give it to bikes.


  2. Thorfinn says:

    Quality bike parking places should be made available in front of all EC buildings, for staff and visitors alike. At the moment the facilities are embarassingly absent from many buildings. This will help visitors to come by bike, but also help employees who are running quick errands, as well as increasing the visibility of bicycles. I agree that secure indoor parking can be desirable, but it is also not always obvious, and can be slower to access.


    • Philippe.Randaxhe says:

      I fully agree. A quick jump to a building doesn’t implies that I want to find the entrance of the parking and then find my way through stairs, etc. I just want to let my bike at the entrance and find a place where to lock it. By the way, Guimard has some but too few.


  3. George says:

    Relating the theft of bicycles, It is astonishing that the Parliament “Vigilis” area ends right before the big bicycle parking in Rue Wiertz, leaving the bicycles effectively unprotected.

    Could you put some pressure in EP administration to sort this out, expanding the Vigilis area by some 100 sq m?


  4. uschi says:

    In SPA3 there are not enough racks, but it is easy to install an additional one because there is space. I already had contact with you on this, but nothing happened.
    Thanks for looking into it.
    Our garage is easy to access and many people from other buildings put their bikes there.


  5. Véro says:

    same problem in NERVIENS 105 – not enough rack for bikes….and places for motocycles !!!


  6. Madeleine Mahovsky says:

    Even worse in Luxemburg: in the BECH building hosting Eurostat, there are exactly 0 (zero) indoor parking places for bicycles. Inappropriate bike racks (where you can attach your wheel only) can be found outside. Also the few service bicycles are parked outside – summer and winter, day and night…. Bike(s) got stolen outside during the velo Mai challenge. At the same time, the huge commercial center has 3 floors of underground parking, with one easily accessible ground level entrance. But – guess what – zero parking places or racks for bicycles.
    OIL, please help remedy this dismal situation. Would be great if EUCG could support our Lux cyclists, too. Thanks.


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