Bicycle parking is still underdeveloped and insecure at many trip destinations and lacking in many neighbourhoods where people have nowhere to keep their bikes indoors. Without sufficient, secure and varied bicycle parking, cycling will not become popular.  (Cycling priority 3)

Bike parking in EU buildings

EUCG have successfully campaigned for a number of parking infrastructure improvements in the EU institutions. For example, bike racks, which allow cyclists to attach their frame to the rack in the ORBN building, improvements to the garage floor in building G-6, re-allow to bring folding bikes into the office.

We continue to lobby for…

  • pumps attached to each bike rack;
  • easy access to showers  (see list of showers in most buildings) and lockers;
  • better maintenance of service bikes and more flexibility in their use;
  • equal treatment of all modes of transport for Commission staff.



  1. can you add “chargers/power points” to the list, so we can charge our bike if we have a long distance to cover?

  2. Hello
    Could you get us a bike rack outside the G-6 building? When I pop in there for a quick lunch, I don’t want to go into the parking downstairs. But you can only tie the bike to trees on the pavement… and that’s what people do.

  3. Hi,

    I have parked my bike in the CHARL building in the parking of -2 and it was stolen. I reported it to the security and after going through the surveillance cameras, the couldn’t locate who whole it. And it goes without saying that they do not have any responsibility because they have insurance only for the items belonging to the EC. I had to buy a new one. Do you know if there is any insurance company that covers stolen bikes?



  4. Dear Bernd, I would take the pump into my bag and never let anything volatile on the big. It may also be related to the location: I can see in our building that People even leave their cycling jackets and helmets at the bike – without particuler Fixing.
    Best wishes

  5. I have my bicycle parked in COVE (-2) and since today, my pump is missing.

    Is there any advice from your side?

    Best regards

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