Routes around the EU buildings

Here are descriptions of the main connections between the triangle Schuman-Beaulieu-Genève. If it is your first time, we recommend to first look up your route on the Brussels cycle map. You will be astonished how easy and quick the connection is!

1)  From the European district to Beaulieu

There are different possibilities, depending whether you start from the Schuman or the Place du Luxembourg area. Furthermore, according to whether you need to reach Ave. Beaulieu rather uphill (25, 29 to 33 and 24) or downhill (1-3-5-7), you may consider different trails.

Schuman to Beaulieu East

Schuman to Beaulieu West

a) Starting at RP Schuman

Suggested route - Schuman to Beaulieu East
Schuman to Beaulieu East

Schuman to Beaulieu East

Option 1: To get to Beaulieu (Buildings 1-3-5-7)

– turn into avenue d’Auderghem
– At the crosslight, turn left to avenue des Nerviens (ride on bi-directional cycle path alongside Parc Cinquantenaire, not on the street)

– At Porte de Tervuren (Merode), cross the home zone (woonerf/zone résidentielle) on the right, cross Avenue des Celtes, and go 150 m  straight on on the side lane of Av. de Tervuren (cycle path on sidewalk).

In case you don’t know the sign for a home zone (woonerf/zone résidentielle) here’s a picture:

From here on, you’re on ICR 15. Follow the blue bike signs “Auderghem Centre” or watch out for painted bike logos on the road while passing through the following streets:

–  turn right into r. Père de Deken (partly SULified), r. de l’Escadron (cross Bd Louis Schmidt), r. Baron Castro, r. Eleonore (SUL), turn right into r. Cattleyas, turn left into r. Emile Lebon.

Here, the ICR 15 turns left at a certain point. You continue straight on instead, cross Chaussée de Wavre and go downhill:

–  rue Eglise St. Julien
– at roundabout (impressive tree): 3/4 turn, then downhill Bd des Invalides
– Pass under the bridge of E411 (highway to Namur) and
– turn right at the roundabout.

You are in front of the entrance to BU-1.

Suggested route - Schuman to Beaulieu West
Schuman to Beaulieu West

Schuman to Beaulieu West

Option  2: To get to BU 25 to 33 and 24

Same as above until r. Baron Castro:
– Instead of continuing straight on (SUL r. Eleonore),
– turn right into Av. des Volontaires until it ends up into
– Bd du Triomphe, where you cross and turn left on the bidirectional cycle path.
– At the fire department, cross to get into Ave J. Cocks (bridge over railway line).
– Watch out on the Delta crossing: like elsewhere in Brussels, the cross lights for cyclists are, for mysterious reasons, before the road they cross (i.e. you have to twist your neck to see them when standing beside them).

–  Ave J. Cocks (to avoid traffic, you may follow cycle trail which makes a small detour over the Delta car parking)
–  Avenue de Beaulieu.

BU 33 is the first building on your left, the others go by decreasing numbers, except 24 which is the glass-fronted building next to the crossroads, opposite BU 33.

b) Starting from Place Luxembourg area:

Start in southern part of Rue de Trèves (bus lane open for cyclists)
– it changes its name into  r. Idalie
– turn left into Avenue du Trône which becomes Ave. de la Couronne after the Maelbeek Bridge (nice view!), go straight on for about 1 ½ km.

– On crossing with Bd Gen. Jacques turn left. Ride on the sidewalk for 70 m (dangerous road)
– turn  right into Bd de la Pleine (bi-directional cycle path on the left side of the street)
– arriving at Delta crossing on Bd du Triomphe, continue as above.

2) From the Schuman area to Genève

  1. Starting from Rond point Schuman, take Rue Archimède towards Sq. Ambiorix;
  2.  Rue Brabançonne
  3. Cross Place Dailly, enter Ave. Chazal,
  4. Turn immediately right into r. J. Jansen which becomes
  5. rue Wittmann at the end
  6. Turn right into Ave. Rogier (uphill)
  7. After the railway bridge, turn left into rue Pavots
  8. ICR 12B joins in; follow signposts “Cimetière Bxl”
  9. Cross Bd. Wahis (ceinture extérieure), continue on ICR 12B in Ave Frans Courtens
  10. At 1st roundabout, leave ICR 12B: turn left (3/4 turn) – you’re in rue de Genève.
  11. Commission buildings: Genève 12 on your left, Genève 1 a bit further, on your right.

3) From Beaulieu to Genève

Again, 2 options: the shortest one or the scenic one:

a) The shortest route:

– Pass under the bridge of highway E411 to enter Bd des Invalides
– turn immediately right  and go uphill Chaussée de Watermael (SUL)
– Cross Chaussée de Wavre (a few meters further down) to enter r. Valduc. You are joining ICR 15. Blue signs “Porte de Tervuren” [i.e. Merode!]) or cycle logos on the ground lead you through the following streets : r. Valduc (partly SUL), Traquet, Canarie, Cordiers, Valkeners, Lebon, Cattleyas, Eléonore, Baron de Castro, Escadron, De Décken (partly SUL).

– At Merode take the north side of the Parc du Cinquantenaire (Ave. Ijzer and Renaissance).
– Turn right just before the Ecole Militaire into r. Hobema. You are on  ICR 13A until Pl. Jamblinne de Meux.
– At its northern side, turn left and take Avenue Plasky (2nd right) until Place Meiser
– Not easy to cross, but there’s a cycling lane on Bd. Wahis.
– After 150m turn right into Av.Fr Courtens (you’re now on ICR12B).
– At the firs roundabout, take a 3/4 turn ; you’re in rue de Genève.

b) The scenic route:

Pass under the bridge of higway E411 on  Chaussée de Watermael. Step off your bike and walk for 30 m on the sidewalk of Av. L. Dehoux until there is a broad footpath on your left leading uphill (just before r. Vignette joins in). This is the provisory ending of Promenade Verte, a former railway line going from Delta to Stockel. Completely cut of from motorised traffic, you go up north in a “tunnel” of trees.

After 2 km, you  cross Av. de Tervuren (near tram museum) on a “veloduc” (nice view on traffic jam underneath), an go on for another 2 km. You pass a bridge, cross a street, pass a piece of art made of railway tracks, and pass another bridge.

Immediately after this bridge, turn left, go downhill via Chem. Struybeken and Av. JF Debecker to join the side lane of Bd. Woluwé.

At next crosslight, turn left (you join ICR 13B) and go up  Av. Paul Hymans (on cycle path).
Take first to the right (r. Jacques Brel).
Go straight on through the park (school) to join roundabout of Bd Marcel Thiry.
Take Avenue des Communautés, cross Chée de Louvain, go straight on in Ave Ciceron,
At the cemetery, turn left into r. H. Dunant. You’re on ICR 12B.
On second roundabout, turn right : it’s rue de Genève.

Other routes through Brussels:

Where to find other routes in Brussels via the web:

The Placeovélo website has a (growing) list of different route descriptions and provides a service where you can ask them to look up the best routes for you  from A to B (in French).

The Schweitzer-Schuman-Express is a detailed description of an itinerary between Schweitzer Square (Berchem St. Agate/Sint Agata Berchem) and Schuman (in Dutch)


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  4. I take the opportunity of this email to call to your attention an absurd situation in ORBN: Car parking space will be suppressed, but no additional showers, lockers or, simply, racks to dry sweaty cloths and towels during the day will be installed. In essence, using cars is made more difficult, but using a bicycle is not mad more easy.

    Policy coherence is at stake as well as the well-being of social innovators, like us, are laying the foundations of a friendlier, healthier, and more sustainable future.

    Concretely, what can we do about this?

    Closing on good news, thanks to the personal intervention of lunchtime runner, colleague, and friend Thierry Stievenart and quite independently of the foreseen Brussels Region/OIB developments, one heating rack should be installed in one of the ORBN cellars.

  5. I would like to suggest one new possible target to be consider as a priority for EU quarter cycling advocacy: Boulevard Clovis, a cobbled street in very bad condition made worse in the past year due to heavy vehicles doing contractual work on the new Commission creche, including requently blocked access for pavement users. This street provides direct access from the EC’s creche – already I understand the biggest creche in Belgium even before expansion to the Wagon-Lits building to the EU quarter. There should be proper provision for cycling families to be able to drop their children safely at the creche by bicycle and cycle onwards to EU quarter buildings. There are in addition a small private creche, a large Belgium school (Brussels commune) creche and a a large maternelle/ primary school on the same street and a private creche and a new communal creche (St Josse) under contruction on the Chaussee de Louvain at the corner of the same street. All in all, in terms of promoting family cycling and sustainable travel to work and child care, lobbying for improved bike-parking and access from this street to the squares and on to the EU woudl be a useful contribution to mobility in this area – a wider focus on ‘soft users’ – incl. pavements/ pedestrians would be my recommendation.

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