Outcome of brainstorming and board discussions – with the help of three facilitators in Oct 2019, we discussed in three rounds in discussion groups of 3 – 4 persons the following, which we followed up at board meetings:

  • Who are we?
  • How do we work and what does the Board do?
  • What are our projects and what are our priorities?

Putting all the post-its together at the White Board under What – Who – When the conclusions are the following. We plan to come back to these every year, and update if necessary.

1. Lobbying: in-house, and for external stakeholders


  1. Mobility budget (car drivers pay for parking, money distributed to everybody)
  2. Better bike infrastructure, i.e. bike parking, lockers, showers (main issue of members)
  3. Being treated as partner, i.e. not only as cost-free volunteers when work force is needed, but also as experienced advisory board being consulted before new projects are launched (e.g. open space offices, re-arrangement of garage entry/exit etc.)


    1. Contact Commissioners to ask for their support
    2. Reinforcing our contacts with HR and OIB to continuously follow-up on requests and to be more involved (also EMAS, Security)
    3. VeloMai– participate in organisation
    4. Cycling Friendly Employer certification (EASME, and hopefully elsewhere)

External stakeholders:

Initiate requests, follow-up ongoing actions, team-up with other NGOs


    1. Brussels Region
    2. Communes in Brussels


    3. ProVelo
    4. European Cycling Federation (ECF) – EU Mobility Strategy, and other initiatives
    5. Cycling Industries Europe (CIE)
    6. VeloCity conferences

Citizen Initiatives:

2. Services by members for members

  1. Communication
    1. Newsletter – approx monthly
    2. Website – mostly long-term content
    3. Yammer
    4. Facebook
    5. Twitter
    6. Stand at the Welcome days of the EC, EP
    7. Logo (renewed in 2019)
    8. Surveys
  2. Training courses
    1. Safe Cycling training courses, train the trainers
    2. Transport children and family biking training courses
    3. How to buy an e-bike training courses
    4. Training for members new to cycling
    5. European Schools cycling classes
    6. Theft prevention information
    7. BikeMate / BikeBuddy
    8. Welcome Day training session in the EC
  3. Events
    1. Social evenings, biking pickinc, lunches, breakfasts
    2. “Éclairage” / lighting campaigns (cooperation with Gracq)
    3. Clapping campaigns (cooperation with Gracq)
  4. Being organised as an organisation
    1. Monthly board meetings
    2. Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    3. Membership list, welcome new members
    4. Support starting local cycling groups

3. Other topics

  • Anything that comes up during the year that doesn’t fall in to lobbying or services – we won’t list these here.