Bike Experience 2012 – opportunities for new and experienced cyclists

Bike Experience 2012 - Register online by 31/03/12For a third year running, Brussels’ cycling organisations are inviting car drivers to try a bicycle for two weeks and discover the pleasure of cycling. Experienced cyclists are also invited to get involved.

From 2nd – 16th May 2012, Bike Experience offers car drivers the chance to escape the daily traffic jam to and from work and discover the benefits of cycling… for free!

In exchange for leaving their car at home, each cyclist applicant, or ‘biker’, is given training on how to ride safely in traffic. They are also assigned a personal ‘coach’ – an experienced cyclist who is familiar to cycling in Brussels and can share the best routes to take.

You don’t even have to own a bike! Bike Experience can lend you one for the two week period. If you have one but have not used it for a while, you can get it checked out at one of the workhshops organised by Bike Experience on the weekend of 28/29 April.

Bikers also receive a reflective jacket, bicycle clips, a cycling map of Brussels and a practical guide on cycling.

Anyone can take part in Bike Experience and it is entirely free of charge!

Interested? Visit the Bike Experience website to find out more and register (before midnight 31st March)

Calling all experienced cyclists!
Are you a daily cyclist? Would you like to offer support to a beginner cyclist? Bike experience offers you a great opportunity to show beginner cyclists the world of active mobility, and help free car drivers from their daily grind to work!

Come and join the pool of coaches that is now being set up. Once the registration process has ended (31 March), Bike Experience will seek to link up with a beginner cyclist who takes more or less the same route to work as you.

As a coach, you accompany your biker on their first trips to and from work for three days, starting 2nd May 2012. You also take part in a training session beforehand and receive a ‘Guide to the perfect coach’ brochure. Coaches also get a bike kit and a small reward!

Visit the Bike Experience website to find out more and register (before midnight 31st March)!

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