Sustainable mobility with ‘velomobiles’

25 July, lunch time, Grand’ Place de Bruxelles: meet the cyclists and admire the velomobiles of the EURO Tour 2013

The European Commission started a three-year campaign in the summer of 2012 for sustainable urban mobility. Car congestion our towns and the resulting pollution has reached an alarming level.

One of the actions in the campaign focuses on velomobiles: an exciting new human-powered vehicle for getting around town as well as longer distance journeys. A velomobile offers comfortable, fast and safe vehicle for cycling all year in any weather condition. There are already several models of velomobiles on the European market, some with electric motor assist, some with pure pedal power.

A group of 30 velomobile riders from nine countries will demonstrate this new machine by touring through five EU countries, startingin Leer, Eastfriesland on July 21st, before passing through the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and back to Germany. The velomobiles will be back in Leer two weeks later.

Come and wave them off at Grand Place at lunch time on Thursday 25 July.

For more information visit the Eurotour website and Facebook page.

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