Equal treatment of Commission staff commuting to work: can the Commission do better?

On 18 September the EUCG will be hosting a debate on how the Commission should support the different modes of transport which Commission staff use to get to work. The current system provides the highest subsidy to car drivers (in the form of free parking worth € 1 300 per year), with a lower subsidy to people taking public transport (between € 200 and € 900).

Cyclists and pedestrians, however, receive almost no support.

The EUCG proposes that while cycling and walking should be promoted, as a minimum all modes of transport should be treated equally. This would benefit our health, the climate and air quality. In addition, equal treatment would enable the Commission to lead by example in one of the most congested cities in Europe.
This discussion comes at an ideal moment as the Commission prepares its new mobility plan Brussels based staff for 2014-2017. So, there is no better time to make your voice heard and help shape the Commission’s mobility policy.


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