Four wheels good, two wheels bad?

bike-vs-car1All Commission staff are equal.

But those who drive their car to work are more equal than others.

Car drivers get free parking which amounts to a subsidy of €1 300 per year. If you take public transport, you may be eligible for a subsidy of between €200 and €900. Cyclists and pedestrians, receive almost no support or encouragement for choosing the most sustainable and healthy way of getting to work.

How could the Commission lead by example, as it develops a new mobility plan for its Brussels -based staff? The European Union Cyclists’ Group is chairing a lunchtime debate open to all Commission staff on 18th September. Policy makers from the Commission will be joined by a representative of the World Bank which has for several years applied a policy of equal treatment for all staff, regardless of how they travel to the office.

For more information click here (internal site accessible to Commission staff only).

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