A tale of John, Jack, Jeremy and Jill

John, Jack, Jeremy and Jill live in Etterbeek and work in the European Commission. Each owns a car. John drives to work, Jack takes the metro, Jeremy cycles, Jill walks. John benefits every year from €1300 worth of free parking in the Commission’s car parks. Jack gets €200 towards the cost of his STIB season ticket. Jeremy is grateful for cycle facilities which cost around €65. Jill gets no incentive for walking to work.

In Europe’s most congested city, EUCG wants its colleagues in the Commission to set an example for a sustainable travel policy for all its employees – if the World Bank can do it, so can we. Time for equal treatment for lucky John, middling Jack, hapless Jeremy and forgotten Jill.

Have a look at our presentation and tell us what you think.

Slide show – equal treatment


* For comparison Bepark.be offers a parking place at 59€ per month (708€ per year) for an unreserved parking spot at night and on weekends and while it’s 109€/month (1308€ a year) for a spot during the day.


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