How to buy an e-bike? – updated ppt and FAQ

  • How much money shall I spend on an e-bike?
  • Which brands to choose?
  • What type of engine?
  • Where shall I actually buy it?
  • What can I expect from an e-bike?
  • Is the battery size important?

If these questions are top on your mind, this training is for you!

I share my experience of purchasing and owning three e-bikes, the important factors for an e-bike in general and for Brussels, updated with the latest news from the industry from Eurobike and discussions with e-bike producers.

The training sessions are open to anybody in EU institutions. You are also welcome to bring along friends and family from outside the EU institutions.

The self-study presentation has been significantly updated with the latest development for this year.

Download the ppt and a list of frequently asked questions here:

How to buy an e-bike? (click here)

One comment

  1. excellent blog, thank you>
    A lot of information very well explained>
    Question : what do you think of RAD ebikes?


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