Event: ‘MYTHICAL MASS’ bike ride on Saturday 11 Jan 2020


Festive group bike ride (the more, the merrier) 

with the agreement and the kind help of the Brussels police


Saturday 11 January 2020, 10:00 – 14:00

Starting point: Metro Trône

EUCG meeting point: Marnixlaan, ING esplanade, under the EU flag.


Get on your bikes, your e-scooters, your monowheels, and what have you!


Let’s all gather, big and small, old and young, for a festive and positive ride, as one big group, from Trône/Troon to the Heysel/Heizel, where the Car Trade Fair (Salon de l’Auto/Autosalon) is being held then. The organisers want to show that they think something should be done about the publicity for cars, especially the most polluting types of cars. The event will also go to show that we, people who choose to use a bicycle for our daily transport, are a big and diverse bunch.

The name of this Critical Mass ‘hors série’ will be Mythical Mass: when one thinks of car ads, there are the Myths, and then there is the (gloomier) reality… an excess of fossil fuel powered cars on our roads are dangerously polluting and congesting  our cities and massively damaging the climate

For this festive group ride we need to be MANY!


More info about this campaign, organised by a dozen Brussels NGOs: https://www.facebook.com/events/544362989749998/

Any questions: email Carolien ZANDBERGEN (SCIC).



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