VéloMai 2020 – now in October

Add all your October bike rides in the Velomai app

During the whole month of October, colleagues from 11 different EU institutions and agencies can compete with each other and register their kilometres and all their bike rides.

Yes, all bike rides, because for the first time you can add your leisure journeys too – not just your functional trips to and from work.

Velomai is not just a synonym for a fun competition, there’s also a full programme with training courses and other events: safe cycling, health benefits, repair, lunchtime bikeride with a Greeter, turn a normal bike into an e-bike, how to buy an e-bike, and of course, with opening and closing ceremonies.

Download the VéloMai app to your mobile phone!

Just search for “Velomai” in the Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore.

You can register your rides, check on upcoming programs, and see stories of others.

And do post your own pictures and mini-stories!

Program agenda of institutions:

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