Cycling to work in Luxembourg

Cycling routes

Interactive map with cycling routs, bicycle parking spots and Vel’oh bicycle rental spots

Bicycle rental

Learning to ride a bike and safe cycling in Luxembourg

You don’t (yet) know how to ride a bike? LVI (Lëtzebuerger Vëlo-Initiativ a.s.b.l.) organises bike-riding lessons and safe cycling courses!


Find out more about safe cycling in Luxembourg in the following documents:

Train, bus and bike

In the Grand Duchy, bikes are carried on trains and buses free of charge.

Trains: Passengers are allowed to take their bikes with them on any national CFL train, on condition that they load and unload their bikes themselves.

Buses: Bikes may be carried on buses, as long as the bus is adequately equipped.

M-Box:  Secured spaces for bicycle storage M-Box, available close to public transportation stops, guarantee a better protection of cyclists and their bicycles against theft or vandalism

Cycling to work — Mam Vëlo op d’Schaff

Burn off some calories rather than petrol on your journey to work!

This initiative, organised by the Mobility Centre in May, June and July each year, encourages people to cycle to work for at least 15 days. Combining cycling with using public transport is also encouraged.

Legal background

The AVIS DE LA COMMISSION DE CIRCULATION DE L’ETAT [sur] LA CIRCULATION CYCLISTE SUR LA VOIE PUBLIQUE (FR) contains definitions of different types of cycling infrastructure in Luxembourg, as well as some regulations and laws applying to cyclists (5. and 7.) as well as signposts on cycling routes (9.).

Euro Cyclo Club (ECC)

Do you enjoy cycling in a group? Would you like to take part in cycling trips with other colleagues from the EU institutions? Then join the Euro Cyclo Club, founded under the guiding principle of cyclo-tourism! For additional information and registration see:


The cycling organisation Lëtzebuerger Vëlos-Initiativ (LVI) has kindly and for free elaborated for Commission staff the best cycling routes to the Commission buildings.

We would also recommend you to join the non-profit organisation LVI, since they represent the interests of cyclists in Luxembourg, work on improving their safety conditions and promote cycling as a means of transport. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the map, or the organisation, you can contact directly: .


Updated: 25 Apr 2018


  1. I gladly cycle to work. It is just a pity that I cannot park my bike decently at my office building, the BECH. To reach the “official BECH bike park” – if you are not ashamed to call the small, often crowded and only half rain-proof space like that – you have to haul your bike up the stairs in front of the building. And chances are high that the few old fashioned “wheel bender” bike racks are already occupied, and you can’t lock your bike to a fixed structure. Shame, shame, shame!


    • Dear Klaus, these issues are in the process of being tackled by OIL: I will send you an e-mail of colleagues from ESTAT who are in contact with them.


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