Bike lanes, trees and more room for trams on Général Jacques

The commune of Ixelles and STIB/MIVB has proposed a new layout for a part of Bd. Gén. Jacques and Avenue Buyl. Cyclists’ organisations were happy with the proposals which should greatly improve the situation for cyclists and public transport. At a public hearing many different opinions were voiced, but the project was accepted with only minor changes. Under the new layout, Général Jacques will have two continuous lanes of through-traffic, plus an occasional third lane for turning traffic where needed. This will create room for a continuous bike path on each side of this important regional road. Parking spaces will be moved to the centre of the road, with a pavement alongside the tram tracks: car drivers will have to park and cross using the pedestrian crossings to reach the houses on the other side. Tram routes will be less hindered by cars queuing at traffic lights.

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