Beware: bike thieves stalking the EU quartier


The arrival of Spring seems to be accompanied by a spate of bike thefts in the Charlemagne/ Schuman/ Berlaymont area. It has long been  a notorious hot spot for such criminal activity.

Outside the Berlaymont today we noticed several thick wire locks which had been cut – obvious evidence of multiple thefts. These locks are very easy to cut through.

Have a look at our advice on avoiding getting your bike stolen. In particular we strongly advise using the inside car parks of institution buildings: even if it takes up a few more minutes, you will greatly reduce the risk of coming back to an empty bike stand.

As well as reporting to the police, please let us know if you are a victim of bike theft, particularly in the European quarter and outside institutional buildings. You can send us an email or write in the comments section of this blog. It will at least help build a better picture of the scale of the problem.


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