Brussels announces winner of Schuman redesign competition


Brussels Region Minister of Mobility and Public Works, Pascal Smet, on 7 December published the winner of the competition for a redesign of the notorious Rond Point Schuman.

Some might not be not convinced lessons have been learned from the ‘flying saucers’ effect at Gare Centrale and Rogier with the need for frequent replacement of concrete and reliance on cold and uninviting stainless steel.

This is how it looks like now – cars, cars, cars, with a hardly accessible zone in the middle.


On a positive note, this should signal the end of through traffic North-South or vice versa via Schuman and the main bottle neck at the corners of Schuman-Cortenberg-Archimede should now disappear. There will still be traffic flow East-West will remain with a more fluid and less chaotic arrangement on Avenue Cortenbergh and for traffic towards Rue de la Loi and Rue Archimede.

Let us know what you think.

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