UPDATE from the EUCG subgroup for air quality – volunteers needed


The EUCG Committee has a subgroup for air quality. Last year we measured black carbon, in collaboration with Brussels Environment (previously called IBGE). This winter, in a project that is still ongoing, we are measuring PM 2.5, and some other indicators (noise, temperature, humidity), in collaboration with the VUB university and a Brussels NGO called BRAL.

The price of the first measuring device was 8.000 euros, and it was not very user-friendly nor motivating (no direct results via an app). The current Airbeam measuring device cost around 200 US dollars, and the linked Android app provides graphs in real-time: very motivating and interesting for the individual user. On how it works see here .

We have five measuring devices in constant use (during outside trips by any means of transport: walking, cycling, public transport, car), and the map of the Brussels Region is gradually filling up with very detailed data (gps, time, four indicators), which can then be used for lobbying, awareness-raising and campaigning.

With the aircast devices, we measured also very high levels of PM 2.5 in the Metro Brussels. In fact, we measured the highest values in general in the metro, always in the bottom of the ‘red zone’ of the measuring range of the device (it had green, yellow, orange, and red zones).

So far we have had most of measurements coming from cyclist belonging to our group but we would very much like to compare the different modes of transport. So we are still looking for volunteers who come by foot, tram or metro and in particular volunteers who come by car! Ideally one would compare the different modes for the same commute. If you are interested in this project, please contact us.



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