Velomai 2018 – Cooperation with Billy Bike in Brussels


EUCG cooperates with Billy Bike, to offer a trial for EU employees during Velomai 2018.

  • Billy Bike is a Brussels based start-up, offering free-floating bike sharing services with e-bikes.
  • The pickup-and-park map covers most EU buildings. One can use the bike anywhere, but must be parked at the end in the blue zone.
  • You get 150 minutes free during the trial during VeloMai 2018 (to be used until 15 June 2018, afterwards: usage at normal rates).


Who is this for?

  1. “I like bike sharing, but don’t like cycling uphill”: the motor helps you get up there.
  2. “I would like to try out e-bikes finally, at my own pace, without time limitations”: Billy Bike is an e-bike like all others.
  3. “I want to support making Brussels more bike friendly”: every ride on a bike is a ride made the green way, this service could complement well Villo!.


What we think about Billy Bike

Many of us in EUCG already have used the bikes in the last year a couple of times, it works well – in fact the idea to cooperate came from enthusiastic EUCG members. Also, we got to know the Billy Bike team in the course of making Brussels bike friendly in the past years, and our impression was that they are cool people, have both an interest to make Brussels better, but of course make the company grow and are serious about both. So, we are really happy for this cooperation to promote biking via this way. The service is still in a Beta phase, and it lives the lives of the typical start-ups, we hope they will grow and stay strong. As of today, already 40 EU employees signed up, and contribute to the success.

Sign up on this link, with your work e-mail.

Last updated: 30 May 2018


    • This promotion is valid during Velomai, until 15th June 2018.
      We might cooperate later, too, if this is useful for both sides, but we didn’t talk about it yet.


      • Ok, thank you. I already got a reply from Billy Bike, which seems to indicate that this offer is extremely popular.

        There is another area where you might perhaps cooperate with the Commission and/or a private enterprises.

        What is suggested, is a system where one could lease on a short-term or a long-term basis an electric bike. I have seen such a system being offered in the Netherlands, but not yet in Belgium. As the Commission so much encourages us to use more sustainable modes of mobility, it could well support us in this way.

        The idea is that the Commission would buy such bikes, and lease them to the employees. Of course it would cost something to the employee, but it would be easier for the employee if at least the maintenance is somehow taken care of, like is the case in car leasing. Also, the Commission would carry some of the risk of the technical endurance.

        Without any support system, it is a big investment to make, without knowing how long the investment will be useable, and without knowing who exactly can and will do the maintenance, etc.


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