About us

What we do

  • promotion of the use of the bicycle among the staff and our employers, with joined-up transport, especially bikes on trains, trams and the metro; and support better parking, theft-prevention, and improved amenities including showers in the EU institutions;
  • local air quality in locations of the EU institutions;
  • safe cycling conditions on frequently used commutes of EU institution staff.

We cooperate systematically with the local authorities and other cycling organisations to promote a more bicycle-friendly environment through a variety of campaigns.

We distribute the official Brussels cycle map to EUCG members (depends on stocks – ask for it).

Who we are

The members

of the EUCG work for the Institutions of the European Union We celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2021, and we had more than 2000 members in 2017, and is over 2800 in 2022 (and increasing).

Some of us use our bikes to get from home to work and back every day; others arrive at work by public transport, or by car, and use the service bikes available in many buildings during the course of their work; and some don’t bike yet, but support the idea. The EUCG welcomes you whether you cycle a few times each year or every day, or even if you haven’t yet cycled to work but would like some help getting started. All of us – when possible – would rather use a bike than a car.

As an organisation we are not political, and as individuals our political views cover a wide spectrum.

We are not a cycling sports, leisure or tourism organisation in our objectives, but we support these activities, too.

Our name has been changed slightly from EU Cyclist’s Group to EU Cycling Group at the Annual General Meeting of 2017. The change will roll out gradually in our web and print media. Read about the reasons here.

The Board

meets every first Thursday of the month, and they are open, so you are welcome to join a board meeting if you want to be more involved in the ongoing activities. We meet in a friendly collaborative ambiance, beside getting a lot of things done, it is a time we greatly enjoy together. We meet either physically or via a conference call.

We work as a self-organised organisation, using participatory methods. Our board consists of volunteers who wish to be active. As availability of people changes, board members can join and leave the board. Are you interested? Then join in! Drop an e-mail to the president, or someone you know in the board.

To coordinate the work, and represent the association for outside, we elect regularly a president, and as our membership increased and activities exploded since 2019, two vice presidents.

As of May 2020: President: Oliver Kozak
As of May 2022: Vice president: Malte Arhelger, 2 vice president positions are vacant

Disclaimer: Although our members all work for the EU institutions, neither the EUCG nor any of the contents of this web site is an official statement of policy of any of the EU institutions.

Local Cycling Groups

  • If you are cycling in Luxembourg, you could become a member of Lëtzebuerger Vëlos-Initiativ.
  • If you work for the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) in Lisbon or the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in London, you might join the local bicycle users’ group.
  • Also in Brussels, colleagues in several institutions have their own cycling group, like EISMEA, DG Move, the European Parliament, CINEA, EUIPO – many people are active in both their own cycling group and in EUCG.
  • If you you would like to start a cycling group in your institution and would welcome some mentoring or support from one of our members contact us, and have a look at our detailed guide: How to start a local cycling group?

Our partners 

We also share the goals of the European Cyclists’ Federation, the umbrella organisation of many European organisations related to cycling.

Information on events in Brussels and Belgium that also concern other groups is provided by GRACQ (French-speaking cycle association),  and Fietsersbond (Flemish-speaking). All EUCG members are encouraged to be active in Gracq and Fietsersbond, and as many of the members (including the president) are active in both, we often cooperate on activities in Belgium.

We also cooperate with PlaceOvelo (organisers of monthly ‘critical mass’ bike rides through Brussels),  Pro Velo (which does themed tours of Brussels’ architecture and history, as well as renting bikes and a cycling courses) and Brussels Regional Government.

Our long-term priorities

In 2012 the EUCG, Fietsersbond and GRACQ agreed five top priorities for people cycling in Brussels. It has been communicated in English, Dutch and French.

1. Improved air quality

2. Improved road safety

3. An efficient parking policy for cars and bicycles

4. Improved cycling infrastructure

5. Reduced bicycle theft

If you’d like to know more, please contact us at EC-EUCG-Board AT ec.europa.eu and we will get back to you as soon as possible: we aim to reply within two working days.

And we’re on Facebook – click here and like us!



  1. This article is really impressive and interesting , You explained this topic very well .The information is really good and interesting .I am great thankful of you for this information.

  2. Hi Christian, do you have a webpage? We are happy to add it to this page. On the link above I only found a list of sports club’s in Luxemburg. KR, Oliver

  3. Hi Mustafa

    I am a member of the EUCG Committee. I am the G20 Coordinator for DG DEVCO ( the International Development DG). I will be in Izmir on G20 business from 1-5 June (Turkey is the G20 president for 2015). It would be great to meet up and discuss options for linking your work to our efforts at the EU level.

    Best wishes


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